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Chapter 9 Business CAOT 32

Cassandra will be writing a bad-news letter to a customer and wants to follow the four-part indirect plan. In what order should she organize her letter? Buffer, reasons, bad news, closing
Select the best buffer to open a letter that refuses a request from a local nonprofit organization for a charitable donation. The services you provide for homeless families in our community are necessary and important.
Select the best subject line for a memo delivering bad news to employees. Change in Parking Benefit
The most important part of a bad-news letter is the section that explains the reasons for the bad news.
Which of the following is the best advice when presenting the reasons for the bad news? Cite reader or other benefits if plausible.
Gerald discovered that one of his employees has filed a fraudulent expense claim. What is the best advice for Gerald to deliver the bad news to this employee tactfully, professionally, and safely? Gerald should prepare and rehearse what he will say.
What statement about delivering bad news within an organization is most accurate? A tactful tone is useful when communicating bad news within organizations.
Capital Management is in a budget crunch and plans to make major layoffs next month. What is the best advice for communicating this crisis to employees? Deliver the bad news to employees personally if possible.
Jeannie must deliver bad news to her staff in person, and she knows they’ll be upset. What should Jeannie do first to prepare for the meeting? Gather all relevant information.
A company must deliver bad news to hundreds of employees and wants to use digital media to do so. Which communication tool is acceptable? Any of these digital communication tools is acceptable for delivering bad news to employees.
What is the best advice for closing a bad-news letter? Close with something forward looking that assumes future business.
Select the most accurate statement. An employee’s words, decisions, and opinions are assumed to represent those of the organization.
Roger’s company will be raising the prices of its basic services, and Roger must write to customers to inform them of these increases. What is the most important thing he should do when writing this message? Explain the reasons and hook the increase to benefits.
The bad feelings associated with disappointing news can generally be reduced if the receiver All of these choices (believes that the matter was treated seriously and fairly, feels the news was revealed sensitively, knows the reasons for the rejection)
Deborah must deny a request made by one of her employees. The most effective statement in a bad-news message denying this request would be Although your extra night cannot be reimbursed, we will process the remainder of your expense claim immediately.
What is the most accurate statement about negative workplace messages? Some businesses have to respond to complaints voiced on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Wesley has included this opening statement in a bad-news message to a client: We both realize that the current economic downturn has resulted in lower stock prices. What kind of buffer is this? Agreement
When should the direct pattern be used to communicate negative news? When firmness is necessary
Which of the following statements is most accurate? In writing to a customer about a problem with an order, generally, you should use the direct patternif the message has some good-news elements.
Select the best sentence to include in the closing paragraph of a badnews letter that turns down a job applicant. We wish you the best in your job search
The major differences between the direct and indirect strategies are whether you start witha buffer and how early you explain the reasons for the negative news.
Select the best subject line for a memo delivering bad news to employees. Change in Parking Benefit
Timothy is writing a badnews message to his supervisor and is now in Phase 3 of thewriting process. What should he do during this phase? Timothy should do all of these (check that his wording concise, make sure that his tone is friendlyand respectful, and ensure that he has delivered the bad news clearly but professionally). Heshould also check his grammar and spelling for correctness.
Peter must deny an employee’s request to work from home two days a week. What is thebest way to begin this bad news message? You are an extremely valued member of our team, and we all benefit from being able to work withyou face-to-face on a daily basis.
In a recommendation letter, Nathan falsely accuses former employee Jacqueline of treating her supervisor disrespectfully. This action is considered to be libel.
Goldstar Investments has just learned that it is being sued for securities fraud. What shouldtop management at Goldstar do? Hold a press conference to announce the bad news before the media does.
Most job refusal letters use the indirect strategy
Which of the following is not one of the goals in communicating negative news? To hide the real reason for the negative news
The most effective statement in a badnews letter declining an invitation to speak to aprofessional organization would be Although I’m already booked the night of your dinner, I would be happy to speak to yourorganization sometime next year.
You are opening a new restaurant and realize that customers might post reviews online.What should you do? You should do all of these: recognize social networks as an important communication channel, tryto monitor comments, and use social media sites to interact with customers.
Which is the most effective statement in a letter to a customer denying credit? To learn more about your credit record, log onto to obtainyour free credit reports.
What is the best advice for delivering the bad news? Suggest a compromise or alternative.
Which of the following is an appropriate statement when saying no to job applicants? We appreciate your interest in our company and wish you every success in your jobsearch.
When writing a letter to a customer denying credit, you have four goals. Which of thefollowing is not one of these goals? Promising the customer that credit will be granted in the future
You’re not sure how your reader will react to the bad news you will be delivering. Whatshould you do? Organize the bad-news message using the indirect strategy.
The most effective statement in a letter to a local charitable organization refusing its requestfor a donation would be Even though our budget won’t allow a contribution this year, we hope to be able to contributenext year
What is the best advice for writing a letter that turns down a customer’s claim? Consider offering resale information to build the customer’s confidence in your products ororganization.
Following up on bad-news in writing is important to Following up on bad news in writing is important for all these purposes.
Which of the following sentences uses the passive voice to present the bad news? Although the social media specialist position has been filled, we wish you well in your jobsearch.
Katie makes an abusive statement about David. This language will be actionable if all of these statements are true (if her statements are damaging to David’s reputation, she sends the messages by e-mail to two other employees by the department.
Morgan has decided that she must apologize to a customer in her buffer. Which of these following is the best example of an effective apology? You have every right to be concerned, and we sincerely apologize for the delay in filling your order. To prevent this from occurring again, we have upgraded our software and retrained our order takers.

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