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Business management final chapter 3

Which of the following includes paternity leaves? Family and Medical Leave Act
To help managers and employees make ethical decisions and behave in ways that benefit their stakeholders, they can use four ethical rules or principles to analyze the effects of their business decisions on stakeholders, the: ________________ rules. utilitarian, moral rights, justice, and practical
If two male managers exchange a lewd sexual joke in the presence of a female manager, these male managers have exhibited: a hostile work environment
A manager who is effectively managing diversity in the disseminator role would: communicate to employees about diversity policies.
Which of the following results due to differences in personalities, values, and attitudes? individual ethics
Important issues concerning how and when payments are made or product quality and safety specifications are governed by the contracts a company signs with its: suppliers and distributors
Kenneth, the human resources manager at Dimensions Co., commits 20 percent of this year’s budget to develop a new program for bringing minority interns into the company. Which of the following roles is Kenneth performing? entrepreneur
The utilitarian rule states that an ethical decision: produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people.
Why is it so important that managers, and people in general, should act ethically and temper their pursuit of self-interest by considering the effects of their actions on others? Because giving excessive importance to oneself with no consideration of societal interests leads to disaster for each individual and for the whole society because scarce resources are destroyed.
When making an ethical decision, asking the questions “Would my family members and friends approve of this decision, and am I willing to see the decision communicated to all people and groups affected?” are part of the _________________ rule. practical
The people and groups that supply a company with its productive resources, and so, have a claim on and a stake in the company, are known as ______________. stakeholders
A top manager giving a speech to employees about the importance of diversity is acting as a(n): figurehead
The adage “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a(n) ________________ principle. moral rights
Which of the following is a part of developing and clearly communicating a sexual harassment policy endorsed by top management? Develop a procedure for employees to use to report instances of harassment
Employees who are similar in their level of skill, performance, or responsibility should receive similar pay; allocation of outcomes should not be based on differences such as gender, race, or religion. This is an example of which rule of ethical decision making? Justice rule

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