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Business final

An Advertisement in which the benefits of using Advil instead of Tylenol are discussed is _____ advertising Comparative
Which advertising medium is the Most selective? Direct mail
The newest advertising medium is The internet
The positioning of a product is the development of a product image is consumers mind, relative to competing products.
All of the following are categories of promotion except. Managerial relations
Which of the following is true about marketing messages and social media? Social media marketing messages are not like traditional marketing messages.
For most companies, all except ________ are some of the popular objectives in regard to a social media Increasing profitability
Ashley wants to increase the profits of her e-business. What two ways can she accomplish her goals of increasing profits? Cutting back on expenses and increasing sales
Money that an electronics retailer receives through the online sales of extended warranty plans provides an _______ for the company? Revenue stream
using data about buying preferences and customer profiles allows managements to do which of the following. all the above.
Resources that a firm own are called assets
Debts owned by a business are called liabilities
If total liabilities were subtracted from total assets the residual value would be owners equity
A summary of the assets, liabilities and owners equity is(it’s also called the statement of financial position) balance sheet
An_______ is a summary of firm’s revenues and expenses during a specified accounting period, such as a year. income statement.

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