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Business Exam 2-ch 7

Organizational structure is defined as the arrangement or relationship of positions within an organization
When managers assign work activities to groups and individuals and coordinate the diverse activities required to attain organizational objectives, they contribute to the development of organizational structure
A department store’s organizational structure defines the relationships between all the individuals working together to achieve its objectives.
The more people an organization has and the greater its specialization, the greater is its need for sales
An organization’s shared values, beliefs, traditions, philosophies, rules, and tole models for behavior represent its organizational culture
The benefits of division of labor were described in the wealth of nations by adam smith
many experts believe people can perform most efficiently if they master just one task rather than all tasks. A famous book that supports this point was published in 1776 and is titled Wealth of nations
Small businesses commonly employ functional departmentalization
All of the following are approaches to departmentalization except line
A company that has departments for marketing, finance, personnel, and production is organized by function
___ departmentalization arranges jobs around the needs of various types of customers. Customer
Which of the following concepts frees a manager to attend to matters that he or she is especially qualified to deal with? Delegation of authority
if Edgar’s manager gives him an assignment without providing Edgar with the resources to complete the assignment, Edgar’s manager is exhibiting improper delegation of authority
John is a copywriter in his company’s marketing department. The copy for an ad placed in Time magazine for his company spelled the company’s name wrong. Who is ultimately responsible for the mistake? The marketing vice president
An organization operating in a complex and unpredictable environment is likely to be ____ in order to improve responsiveness and enhance creativity. decentralized
When superiors and subordinates are not in close proximity and the manager has many responsibilities in addition to supervision, the appropriate span of management would be narrow
which of the following is not a basis for organizing using a multidivisional structure? Project
An advantage of line structure in organizations is a clear chain of command
which of the following organizational forms is also called a project management structure? Matrix structure
which of the following organizational forms allows managers to take responsibility for the areas in which they specialize? Line and staff structure
multidivisional structures organize departments into larger divisions, often based on geography, product, and/or customer
which of the following is formed to solve specific quality, service or productivity problems? Quality-assurance team
which of the following is a temporary group of employees, usually chosen for their expertise, responsible for bringing out a specific change? Task force
work groups have individual accountability
teams have a strong, clearly focused leader
a permanent, formal group that performs a specific task is a committee
a temporary group of employees responsible for bringing about a particular change is a task force
project teams run their operation and have control of a specific work project.
diagonal communication occurs when individuals from different units and departments within an organization communicate
which of the following is an informal communication channel? the grapevine

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